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Sailing with us will surely enrich your vacation experience in many ways, and the crew of St. Damian excursion and party boat can surely help you with that. Split boat trips as a company, tries to give our guests all the information they need to pursue the best holiday experience during their vacation.

We can provide you with some useful information about the destination's nightlife and tourist hotspots. We care about your interests, so feel free to ask us to point you to the right direction when choosing restaurants, transportation and other services while vacationing.


Sail with us to the beautiful beach Krknjaši, popularly known as "Blue Lagoon" on the island of Drvenik. Its is a world heritage site according to the Unesco World Heritage list.

Excursion Blue Lagoon

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St. Damian Boat crew will make sure you have an unforgettable experience while on board. We can provide you with some useful information about the tourist do's and dont's so you can enjoy your vacation without any distractions. Our staff pays attention to details, so will try to show you all the secret spots of the Adriatic Coast.

If you have your own plans for your holiday, St. Damian crew can help you with that. You can organize custom excursions to the places you wish to visit on the adriatic coast

We are well equipped to host various events and manifestations such as weddings, private party's and swimming trips. We will follow your guidance in order to organize your event in such a way that you will have an unforgettable experience.

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