Blue Lagoon

About the Split boat trips destination:
Blue Lagoon

Sail with us to the beautiful beach Krknjaši, popularly known as "Blue Lagoon" on the island of Drvenik. Its is a world heritage site according to the Unesco World Heritage list.

Our cruise begins with a view of Split, which can hardly be forgotten. As long as the memory lasts, we approach the Blue Lagoon in the moment. Like the tropical paradise, this enchanting lagoon has a clear turquoise sea, eternal sun and sandy bottom.

Blue Lagoon is a paradise for divers with their hard-to-see underwater world and sandy bottom. The bay is ideal for a true relaxation, surrounded by three islands with a view from all sides. Since Plava Laguna is an ideal place to explore the colorful underwater world, take advantage of your swimming and diving time.

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About the Split Boat Trips Excursion Offer

Split Boat trips crew will make sure you have an unforgettable experience during your excursion. We can provide you with some useful information about the nightlife and tourist hotspots. We care about your interests, so feel free to ask us to point you to the right direction when choosing restaurants, transportation and other services.


- Meeting on Riva in front of the St.Damian boat
- Departure for Blue Lagoon
11:00 - 12:00
- Free time (swimming, snorkeling and enjoying)
*Special offer: diving equipment and sport activities on board
- Departure for the island of Šolta
- Arrival on the island of Šoltaa
13:00 -14:00
- Free time for sightseeing of Maslenica, Šolta
- Departure for bay Duga, Čiovo
15:00- Arrival on the peninsula of Čiovo
- Lunch (you can choose fish, meat or vegetarian menu)
- Free time for swimming, snorkeling and other activities
- Departure for Split

- arrival to Split

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